It may be time to upgrade or replace your consumer unit (fuse board) if it has rewire able type fuses or conversion type trip switches, there’s signs of burning are acsess to the internal parts of the consumer unit where knockout have been left exposed, if it is over populated “by bunching of circuits” or your planning to have new works undertaken. Also if you are able to plug and electrical equipment in and use it outside.

We pride ourselves on externally neat installations and tidy works that meets all current 18th Edition Regulations, our fuse boards are no different. Like all work all new / replacement consumer units are tested and certificates issued.

All our boards are fully RCBO loaded as standard meaning each circuit is controlled by its own Independent RCD and we no longer Install split load boards. Surge Protection Devices are always recommended and AFDDs are becoming more popular.

Prices From £350.00+VAT.